A connector, communicator, perspective, and statement – the Forward Stance Studio program facilitates and celebrates the many transformative experiences within our distinctive mountain communities. Founded in 2022 as a multi-year ongoing project, the program serves as a catalyst for community connections and relationship building while highlighting diverse, local, and sustainable artists.

In this way, the Forward Stance Studio aims to cultivate an inclusive, sustainable culture that invites everyone into eye-opening moments and meaningful conversations. Each destination installation initiates discussions surrounding the local mountain community and its specific values. As a collective, these distinct pieces will help to shape the future of mountain adventure.

Welcome to the Forward Stance Studio. Forward we go, together.

Crystal Mountain, Washington

Circle of Life Tower, Sculpture – Steel, Wood, Mosaic & Mixed Media.

Washington’s largest ski resort, Crystal Mountain, sits at an easy 76 miles from Seattle. With an average of 480 inches of snow annually, Crystal Mountain delivers premier terrain, an easy-to-navigate trail system, and a connection to the Washington landscape that has inspired adventure seekers for generations. Artist and Crystal Mountain ski patroller Mary Iverson, worked closely with several local partners, including artist Keith Stevenson from the Muckleshoot Tribe, to bring her concept, Circle of Life Tower, into existence.
A Conversation with Artist Mary Iverson

Big Bear Mountain Resort, California

Snow Dreams, Mural – Mixed Media.

Long-standing as a beacon of progression and innovation within the snowsports landscape, Big Bear Mountain Resort embarked on a creative installation that reflects the destination’s collected heritage. Exploring the tapestry of Southern California mountain culture, local artist James Haunt created a vibrant mural embodying the diversity of guests who have found footing there. Focused on a mantra of unity through creativity, James paints Big Bear Mountain Resort as a hub where unique backgrounds have blended and created on a shared canvas of snow – where every rider contributes to the collective narrative.

A Conversation with Artist James Haunt

Blue Mountain, Ontario, Canada

Elevate | Mbin’ge, Sculpture – Steel & Mixed Media.

Honouring Indigenous cultures and the local community, Blue Mountain has unveiled a deeply thoughtful art installation by Anishinaabe artist Kathryn Corbiere. Titled Elevate | Mbin’ge, the sculpture is inspired by Anishinaabe teachings and stands as a symbolic teepee with seven pillars embodying values that include love and bravery. Rooted in the land stewarded by the Anishinaabe peoples, this installation invites all to connect with the rich heritage of Blue Mountain, fostering an appreciation for diverse narratives while celebrating a collective harmony.

A Conversation with Artist Kathryn Corbiere

Deer Valley Resort, Utah

Burns Reimagined. Example Used: Anna Moore’s Bluebird and Powder Day, sculptures – Marine Grade Plywood & Exterior House Paint.

Commemorating the legacy of the iconic Burns Chairlift, Deer Valley collaborated with five local artists who represent diverse groups in the community. Through this innovative partnership, each artist has drawn from their own experience and vision to transform retired chairlift benches. With a direct nod to social art practice, these art-adorned benches have been strategically placed across the destination’s six peaks and four base areas, inviting guests on an engaging and interactive art hunt. Artists include: Anna Moore, Lamont Joseph White, Jessica Repko, Abby Ringquist, and Philip Vasquez.

A Conversation with Artist Anna Moore

Solitude Mountain Resort, Utah

Jump Off, Painting – Oil on Canvas.

Solitude, in collaboration with renowned local artist Lamont Joseph White, proudly presents an original piece now displayed at the Moonbeam Lodge. Strategically situated in this vibrant mountain setting, Jump Off serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations about fostering inclusivity in mountain spaces. Rejecting the notion that race and color are inconsequential, the artwork champions the acknowledgment and celebration of our differences. In this way, Lamont's art boldly represents individuals who might feel excluded from traditional outdoor spaces, delivering a powerful message of welcome and acceptance for everyone on the mountain.

A Conversation with Artist Lamont Joseph White

Winter Park Resort, Colorado

Heniiniini’ (There is Snow on the Ground), Sculpture, Signage – Weathered steel, acrylic (inlays), vinyl aplique. Final form to be unveiled winter 23/24.

Over the course of four years, Winter Park has embarked on a journey of recognition and collaboration with Indigenous and through ongoing actions, relationships, and a statement of land acknowledgment, Winter Park pays homage to the historical and ancestral land of the Nookhose'iinenno (Arapaho), Tsis tsis'tas (Cheyenne), and Nuuchu (Ute) tribes. In partnership with NativesOutdoors, Winter Park unveiled a series of cultural and historic touchpoints throughout the landscape that include a primary art installation, a snow stake, trail signs, historical markers, and artist statements. This series defines a narrative of water and recreation while connecting guests, staff, and the community to the shared values, knowledge, and importance of water in our past, present, and future.

A Conversation with Nativesoutdoors

Sugarbush, Vermont

Moose, Sculpture – Steel & Mixed Media. Final form to be unveiled winter 23/24.

Tucked in the scenic and storied Mad River Valley of Vermont, Sugarbush is an extraordinary four-season destination built upon seven decades of snow sports legacy. To reflect this rich history, Sugarbush partnered with Vermont artist, Harlan Mack. Together, a new sculpture will be installed on the property that represents an iconic figure with deep roots in the local landscape – the North American Moose.

A Conversation with Artist Harlan Mack

One Million Branches art installation at Steamboat

Steamboat, Colorado

One Million Branches – Mixed Media - Steel, Used Horseshoes, Paint, & Epoxy Resin.

Globally recognized as a leader in mountain adventure, Steamboat is celebrating inclusivity in the outdoors through a collaborative project with local artist Sage Sullivan. Prompted by the question, "What makes you feel most welcome in the outdoors?" and by embracing the theme of inclusivity, Sullivan envisions a large multimedia sculpture embodying the welcoming spirit of outdoor play and connection to nature. With inspiration born within the Medicine Bow Forest, this sculpture will reflect the sway of aspens, rich wildflower blooms, and the interconnectedness of nature and culture.

A Conversation with Artist Sage Sullivan

Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia

Heart of the Mountain, Sculpture – Clay, Fiberglass, & Mixed Media. Final form to be unveiled winter 23/24.

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of West Virginia, Snowshoe stands as a radiant beacon of natural beauty and human impact. Reflecting this, renowned sculptor Jamie Lester, born and raised in West Virginia, has collaborated with Nadia Pinna to bring forth Heart of the Mountain. Inspired by his love for skiing, Lester envisions this sculpture as the embodying spirit of Mother Earth. While the resilient figure is burdened by the weight of fossil fuel extraction, her face radiates a quiet and constant power. Through Jamie Lester's creation, the art speaks of Snowshoe's essence, depicting a harmonious yet challenged connection between nature and human impact.
A Conversation with Artist Jamie Lester

Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Take Me To The Top, Sculpture – Reclaimed Steel, Metals, & Mixed Media.

Further defining an iconic experience in Quebec, sculptor Mathieu Isabelle has infused the heart of Tremblant's pedestrian village with cultural vibrancy through an art installation celebrating the joie de vivre. Crafted from recycled mechanical metal pieces from lifts and snowmaking equipment, this stainless-steel silhouette represents a person walking toward the summit—a year-round symbol of activity. The resulting collaboration is an invitation for all to embrace the joy of this dynamic, inclusive landscape.
A Conversation with Artist Mathieu Isabelle