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Beyond the Snow: Alex Sanguily, Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain has long been renowned for its Unbound Terrain Parks. From small boxes and varied rollers to their stunning Olympic qualifier slopestyle course and 22-foot halfpipe, the Unbound collection of Parks really does have it all. And with each feature, there’s an immense amount of work that goes into perfecting the angles, the landings, and dialing in the overall vibe. That’s where Alex and his team come in, working tirelessly to keep the Unbound Parks firing while ensuring the best guest experience possible.

“Snowboarding is where I belong, the culture, the people, and the mountains. Mammoth Unbound has been the best to do it, ever.”

Now 6 years into his current role with the Unbound team, he wouldn’t have crafted his approach to park perfection without his humble beginnings building hits with the boys at Loon Mountain Terrain Parks. Working through the cold east coast mornings at this New Hampshire icon set the stage for seeking endless fun in the mountains – and helping other people find it there as well. Along the way, Alex focused on keeping his head down and simply working as hard as he possibly could. It’s this grit and grind attitude that allowed Alex to ultimately gain the respect of his coworkers and the mountain-minded community.

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There’s a power in combining passion, purpose, and play – many seek it, few find it. And that sweet spot happens to be right where Alex sits. When asked to describe what’s special about working at Mammoth and calling it home, he can wax poetic at length, recalling the storied history of both the town and the slopes, and reminiscing about carving turns through the old-growth trees off chair 12 or cruising Road Runner off summit. Laced against the backdrop of Ritter Range, those are his absolutely favorite places to be.

“I love the people that I work with… Being creative and supporting my team everyday has had a huge influence on my life outside of work as well.”

With an office view like that, Alex wakes up surrounded by inspiration and motivated with creativity, striving to enhance the on-mountain experience across each park. Through supporting his team and lifting up the people he works work, the Unbound crew can build out the best product for locals and visitors alike.

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