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Beyond the Snow: Josh Fletcher, Blue Mountain Resort

Across each snowbound mountain destination on the Ikon pass, there's always more than meets the eye going on behind the scenes. Mountain wide – from before the sun rises until well after it sets – these activities and actions are rarely seen by guests. Yet, they are experienced day-in-and day out, constantly making the on-mountain experience something special and unique.

Beyond the snow, it takes motivated, passionate people to move mountains. These are the Ikon Pass employees who are at the heart of what it takes to keep things running, stepping up in hard times, and forever showing love for their mountain communities.

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Josh Fletcher, Assistant Manager of Kids Programming, Adaptive Programming, and Snow School ­– Blue Mountain Resort.

We all start at the same place. To get to the big sends, the powder days, and the lifetime of memories made, we all start learning the art of edge to edge – balance meets speed meets control. This particular sweet spot is where Josh Fletcher lives, honing both the metaphoric and literal edges of tomorrow’s shredders.

“After I graduated, I needed to find an 'adult job.' Instead, I started work as a full-time snowboard instructor.”
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What started as a fill-in "adult job" 10-years ago has blossomed into a career leading Ontario's youth and adaptive athletes towards their full potential. Full of passion, joy, and youthful exuberance, these guests constantly make work fun and life full. As Josh puts it, they are the ‘most engaging visitors’ on the mountain.

When asked to describe what's unique about working in the snow sports industry, Josh quickly cites the immediate proximity to nature, the lack of stress, and the easy access to the slopes. Plus, the views are something you never really get used to. "Either from the top or the bottom. Time can feel like it stands still when you're in the mountains."

However, don't think that Josh will give up his favorite Blue Mountain Resort secret spots to just anyone. Those particular gems are for him to enjoy and share with those who frequent his youth and adaptive programming.

When asked what makes his job special, Josh speaks fondly about the renowned 4-season offering at Blue Mountain Resort, and how the weather is never a negative and only a guide. Additionally, there’s a specific sense of pride noted in the fact that Blue Mountain is a landscape for all to enjoy, be it young, adaptive, aging, or full-time shredder who’s making the rounds.

“We get to share our passion for the area, mountain culture, and mountain sports with guests of all ages and abilities. There are times when it feels like a lot of work, and other times where I can’t believe I get paid to do what I do.”
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