Social Responsibility

Forward Stance

Moving mountains is not easy. But that’s exactly what we intend to do.

Our company has always been defined by progression. From learning new skills to meeting new faces and experiencing new places.

Forward Stance is Alterra Mountain Company’s pledge to make a true and lasting impact that builds a better future for adventure.

  • We take this stance by prioritizing people through actions advancing inclusion, equity, diversity, and mental well-being and resilience.
  • We take this stance by committing to the mountains and protecting our planet.
  • We take this stance by investing in the communities where we live and work.
  • We take this stance by operating responsibly, enabling our teams to do the right thing for all our stakeholders. 


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Prioritizing People

Alterra Mountain Company believes that the mountains welcome all and that there is great power in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion – among our team, our guests, and our partners. To realize this goal, we invest in programs that seek to build and support diversity by advancing equitable systems and by weaving a culture of inclusion and belonging into the fabric of our business and our guest experience. Here are some examples of what we are doing:

Data-Based Actions

Gathering and tracking data with an annual inclusion survey to measure our employee’s perceptions of culture and sense of belonging and working with DEI experts to audit and improve our systems, policies, and practices.

DEI Training

Developing and implementing a range of DEI training to make our workplaces and mountains places where everyone is welcome and treated fairly.

Broadening Meaningful Access and Representation

Building meaningful partnerships in our communities to break down historical barriers to access. Elevating the participation and visibility of a broader range of people to better reflect who we are and who we serve.

Employee Resource Groups

Using a data-based approach, providing employee networks across our global mountain community to help center and support our colleagues who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, women, and/or having a disability.

Inclusive Communications

Providing platforms for a diverse range of change makers and leaders in our industry to share their stories and experiences. We thank Henri Rivers, President of the National Brotherhood of Skiers, for sharing his perspective on MLK Weekend with us. Read the Op-Ed

Mental Well-Being & Resilience

Using a multifaceted approach to give employees skills and tools to boost their mental health and stay resilient in the face of challenges. Giving people-leaders resources and training to support and promote mental well-being within their teams.

My Ikon Series

My Ikon: My Connection is a native led short documentary film created by Connor Ryan, Húŋkpapȟa Lakȟóta and Lonnie Kauk, Ahwahnechee. Directed by Shaandiin Tome, a Diné woman, this work encourages the mountain community to connect, respect, and appreciate the land while welcoming Native people into the conversation. My Ikon: My Ride is a story about the first professional Black snowboarder, Russell Winfield, and his goal to build a supportive community for young athletes.

Two people in winter gear holding snowboards
Ikon Pass Scholarship Program

In collaboration with Natives Outdoors and SheJumps, Ikon Pass aims to remove barriers of entry while growing snowsport participation among Native communities and women of color.

Group of People with Ski Gear at Top of Mountain
Share Winter Foundation Partnership

Featuring an annual donation up to $4MM, Alterra Mountain Company and the Share Winter Foundation have joined forces to welcome the next generation of winter sports enthusiasts with a diverse range of backgrounds.

Two adults with a group of kids wearing snowboards, everyone is smiling at the camera

Protecting the Planet

The mountains are our lives and our livelihoods. We know that the impacts from climate change are threatening those livelihoods and the snow sports we all love. We have a shared responsibility in taking climate action seriously, and Alterra is committed to creating the biggest impact, while leaving the smallest footprint.


We conducted three comprehensive audits across our destinations to measure and track our entire footprint so we can make reductions that have the highest impact. With an understanding of where we are, our sights are set on where we need to go.

1. Reduce Carbon Emissions by more than 50%

We teamed up with the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) for third-party approval on our science-based emissions reduction goal. Our aim? To reduce emissions even faster than what climate scientists say is needed to limit warming to 1.5°C by 2050. What’s more, this goal for 2030 covers more than just our emissions. We’re also reaching out to our suppliers and other important partners to join us on this journey.

2. Use 100% Renewable Energy

Our company is committed to procuring 100% renewable electricity by 2030. To get there, we’re planning a mix of onsite and offsite renewable energy projects and will be proactively partnering with utility providers across our portfolio to make this goal a reality.

3. Achieve Carbon Neutrality

A peak focus at Alterra is the reduction of our carbon footprint by upgrading efficiencies and decarbonizing our operations. And, while we’re committed to absolute reduction goals, we are also committed to high-quality carbon offset opportunities. Through these dual paths, we plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2030.

Roadmap to Reductions

Guided by climate science, we are defining a future where emissions reductions are front and center. We are following a tailored, data-based decarbonization strategy to pilot and scale various initiatives across our portfolio to achieve our commitments focused on Efficiency, Electrification of Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, and Collaboration.

Mountain Collaborative for Climate Action

Alterra Mountain Company is a founding member of the Mountain Collaborative for Climate Action, a first-of-its-kind collaboration between the four largest ski resort companies in North America. Together, we believe in a shared responsibility to take a strong stance on the core issues of sustainability.

Waterfall going into a mountain lake.
Ikon Pass x POW

Ikon Pass is proud to continue its long-standing partnership with Protect Our Winters (POW) – a nonprofit mobilizing the outdoor community towards positive climate action.

POW skiers and boards on top of mountain

Investing in Community

Built on the belief that people are the backbone of our business, Alterra Mountain Company seeks to create opportunities for community well-being. With a focus on financial and charitable support, we are building one global mountain community, here to lift each other up throughout the peaks and valleys of life.


Using our business resources with change makers aligned with our values to influence a larger impact, including a variety of philanthropic initiatives, local community foundations, and key nonprofit partner organizations.

Skiers posing for a photo at the top of the mountain.
Alterra Mountain Company Community Foundation

Established in 2020, the Alterra Mountain Company Community Foundation is a public charity created to provide financial support to the members of the communities in which Alterra Mountain Company operates.

Crowd of people sitting on a grassy hill.

Forward Stance Studio

The Forward Stance Studio program facilitates and celebrates the many transformative experiences within our distinctive mountain communities. Founded in 2022 as a multi-year ongoing project, the program serves as a catalyst for community connections and relationship building while highlighting diverse, local, and sustainable artists.

Artist working an their installation

Operating Responsibly

Our business ethics are paramount. Compliance and safety are a top priority across employees, guests and shareholders, and we continually empower our team to operate with integrity and to act responsibly.


Defining our beliefs while grounding our business operations in integrity and trust.

Business Risk Mitigation

Evaluating risk while safeguarding our organization to ensure our company’s health and longevity.

Health & Safety

Constantly assessing our operations and programs while prioritizing the health, safety and wellbeing of our global mountain community.

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Cyber Security & Data Privacy

Earning and protecting the trust of our valued guests, homeowners, and employees through secure operations.